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Ever felt the urge to own Camden Yards? How about the Washington Monument? Residents and fans of Baltimore will delight in all the ownership opportunities offered in this Late for the Sky game inspired by Hasbro's classic, Monopoly. Baltimore landmarks make up the board's real estate. McCormick Spices is available for purchase. Journalists, take heed: the�Baltimore Sun�could be yours. The Maryland Science Center, Pimlico Race Track, and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra are similarly up for grabs. If players don't like their properties just the way they are, they can add up to four skyline sections. If they still want more, they can trade in those skyscrapers (plus some cash) for a key to the city. Heady as it is, being a real estate mogul isn't without its downside. Players might be sent straight to a traffic jam where they could languish for as many as three turns. The gridlocked player shouldn't lose heart, though. The rules state that players may buy and sell property, and generally conduct business, even while stuck in traffic.

Monopoly Baltimore Edition

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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