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What We're About


  Do you like games?  I like games.  My employees like games.  We should like games together!  Games are for everyone, and if you want to enjoy them, we want to help.


  Sometimes what you need is someone to play games with, and sometimes you just want some friendly advice on what games you might enjoy. Sometimes all you need is a place to sit down and play.

  We here at Silver Canon want you to get whichever of those things you want, and are happy to help you get them.

  Silver Canon is a place where people who enjoy games can share and feed that joy with others who do also.  We carry board games, video games, classic games, games you might not even know were available, and pretty much any kind of interactive entertainment you can think of.


  We have a play space for social gaming and a wide selection of new and previously-loved games to find whatever will help you find some small joy in this world we all live in.


  We have something for everyone who enjoys games, from inexpensive pre-owned video games and systems to a wealth of board games all the way up to the collector end of things, where condition matters as much as ubiquity.


  Games are for everyone, and we want everyone to enjoy a game if they want to.

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