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Five Board Games With Unique and Gorgeous Pieces

When you read the words "iconic game pieces," what comes to mind? The top hat from Monopoly? A chess king? That pesky little Robber token from Settlers of Catan? Well, the five games featured in this blog post might not yet make the list, but an argument could definitely be made for their inclusion. Each of these games includes elements like brightly colored player pieces, glittering tokens that are oh-so-satisfying to collect, uniquely painted boards, and more that set them apart from other titles on your shelf.

Without further ado, here are five board games that are almost as fun to look at as they are to play:

Carolus Magnus - Command Vast Armies

Players fight to control different squads and brigades of merchants in Carolus Magnus in this land control simulator inspired by the real-life exploits of famed conqueror Charlemagne. The game features a twist on the traditional hexagonal tiles frequently used in strategy games, with elegantly painted black-and-white hexes inspired by actual historical maps of the time period. Carolus Magnus also includes black and white player pieces and turn tokens as well as cubes in five eye-catching colors, creating an appealing contrast that adds aesthetic flair to your game room.

Players - 2 to 4

Playtime - approx. 60 minutes

Dragon Land - Save the Treasure

Released in 2020, Dragon Land is the newest game on this list, proving that games with exciting new pieces, boards, and styles are debuting every year. This adventure game sees players taking on the roles of various fantasy races and helping the dragons rescue their treasure before all the volcanoes in Dragon Land erupt at once. Dragon Land features four types of treasure - emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and dragon eggs - each represented by smooth, sparkling gemstones that are quite satisfying to acquire and hoard. Additional pieces include a game board painted in a fun fantasy style, tokens for each type of dragon, and a three-dimensional "hoard" for storing collected treasure.

Players - 2 to 4

Playtime - 30-45 minutes

Lost Valley - Brave the Yukon

For those who are fans of strategy games but tired of the same old hexagonal tiles, Lost Valley is the perfect solution. This game, in which players mine the valley during the height of the Yukon gold rush, features a mix of smaller diamond- and triangle-shaped tiles, allowing for a wide range of constantly changing map variations. Players can also keep track of the game's many resources - represented by tokens of various shapes and sizes - using a detailed player profile card with large, easy-to-read text and clearly labeled images.

Players - 3 to 4

Playtime - approx. 60 minutes

Maharaja - Construct the Perfect Palace

Players step into the roles of competing architects as Maharaja pits them against one another to build the ideal palace for the titular ruler. This castle-building game includes multiple colors of gemstones and gives each player a dedicated spot on the board to display them, adding a feeling of visceral satisfaction to the task of amassing treasure. The board itself offers a lush richness that truly brings to life the game's Indian setting. Plus, player tokens feature a variety of unique architect characters, dynamically posed in the process of constructing their dream palace.

Players - 2 to 5

Playtime - approx. 90 minutes

Milestones - Expand Your Settlement

Milestones offers a twist on the building and land development genres - players, as settlement leaders, must work together to create a functional living environment complete with houses, roads, markets, and more. Tokens show detailed characters hard at work, allowing players to truly feel like they are recruiting farmers, merchants, and builders to live in their settlement. The brightly painted board includes a unique progress tracker shaped like a hedge maze, letting players visualize their progress and how many resources - represented by both colorful cubes and cardboard coins - are needed until they reach their goal.

Players - 2 to 4

Playtime - approx. 60 minutes

Got any other gorgeously designed games with perfect pieces, brilliant boards, or terrific tokens you'd like to share? Comment below to suggest your favorite games with unique pieces. Who knows - your suggestions could end up in a future list just like this one!

All games mentioned in this article can be purchased at Silver Canon's store in Baltimore, MD. Check our homepage for the store's address and hours!

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